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General Endpoints - I see no video (just a black window), or receive a DirectX error


I see no video (just a black window), or receive a DirectX error.

Does call stay connected and can you hear others?

  • It is possible that the participant limit is set on 0 view-able participants - Check out this article on how to change that. 
  • Check DirectX settings to ensure accelaration is enabled.
  • Update your Direct X and your graphics card to the latest (directly from your manufacturer and not from Windows update).

Does the call disconnect at around 30 seconds?

Check the following:

  • Firewall is blocking the VidyoRouter media ports (default range: UDP 50000-65535)
  • Verify local security policy/malware/local firewall isn’t blocking the application.
  • Web Proxy or Filter is interfering with the UDP media. Check Proxy settings or see network admin.
  • Network Firewall/Router is set for UDP timeout (indicative of consistent timing of call drop, i.e. 2 Min)

If you are still unable to view video from your camera, it's time to contact our experts to further assist.

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