When the VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama 600 software starts up, you should be automatically logged in to the system based on information configured by your system administrator.

  1. The name and extension of your VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama 600 is based on the information stored in the VidyoPortal to which you are connected. The current VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama 600 system time and date also appears.
  2. The search box where you can enter a name to search for a contact or room.

As soon as you begin typing in this box, search results appear.

  1. The three most recent appointments from a calendar (if your system administrator has synchronized your VidyoRoom or VidyoPanorama 600 system with a Microsoft Exchange™ calendar or a Google Calendar™).
  1. The list of your contacts.
  2. The number of pages of contacts.

You can navigate through additional pages using your remote control arrow keys.

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