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Collecting the Vidyo Extension for Microsoft Log


To collect the log files for the plug-in, first we need to turn on the tracing.

To turn on tracing in the registry, set the value of the following in:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VidyoConferencing. “Trace” string type value should be set to 1.

After 'Trace' has been set to 1, try to recreate the issue.
Once the issue is reproduced, type '%AppData%' in windows browser and copy the log file 'VidyoConferencing' from this location.

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  • Avatar
    Phillip Curtis

    What's the impact of leaving tracing on for a significant amount of time? The error I need to capture may not appear for a few days.

  • Avatar
    Gadi Vered

    Negligible to no impact as this is a small txt file.

  • Avatar
    Phillip Curtis

    Okay Thanks Gadi

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