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VidyoConnect Room and VidyoRoom Administrator and Installation Guides


This article provides PDFs of the Administrator and Installation guides for Vidyo's various types of group video solutions. Reference these guides based on whether you have a modern vs. classic UI and based on your type of systems and version. 

The name of this article was recently changed from VidyoConnect™ Room and VidyoRoom™ (Admin and Deployment Guides) to VidyoConnect Room and VidyoRoom (Admin and Installation Guides) since the Deployment Guide was changed to "Installation Guide".


Admin Guides

There are three types of Admin Guides and versions: one for users using VidyoConnect Room or VidyoRoom version 20.2.0 and later, one for users using VidyoRoom version 19.x.x, and one for users using VidyoRoom version 3.3.x. The guides have been separated because:

  • VidyoConnect Room version 20.2.0 and later supports Window 10 IoT (Modern UI).
  • VidyoRoom version 19.x.x supports 64-bit applications only and does not support VidyoPanorama (Classic UI).
  • VidyoRoom version 3.3.x supports 32-bit applications and VidyoPanorama (Classic UI).

Installation Guides 

There are two types and versions of our installation guide:

  • VidyoConnect Room Software Edition (SE) and VidyoRoom (SE) Installation Guide (Modern and Classic UI) version 20.2.0 and later. 
  • VidyoRoom Software Edition (SE) and VidyoRoom (SE) Installation Guide (Classic UI) version 19.3.0 and earlier. 

Other References

  • To learn how to use our new modern UI features, refer to the User Guide and Quick Guide in the VidyoConnect Room and VidyoRoom User Guides article. 
  • Alternatively, you can find the latest information about VidyoConnect Room and VidyoRoom administration in the Installing VidyoRoom and Using the VidyoRoom Admin UI section of the Vidyo Help Center.
  • If you prefer referencing the VidyoRoom articles on the Help Center rather than using the attached PDFs, you’ll see that the Admin UI: Using the Login and Settings Tabs article has also been separated into subsections for users using VidyoRoom version 20.2.0, 19.x.x, and 3.3.x. In particular, the “Configuring Preferences” section includes screenshots and steps for version 20.2.0, 19.x.x, and 3.3.x (for both Modern and Classic UIs).


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