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VidyoRoom Google calendar integration configuration and usage


Calendar configuration

  • Navigate to VidyoRoom IP
  • Login with username and password
  • Scroll down to Calendar Integration section
  • Choose Google Calendar
  • Enter email address (Ex.
  • Click Get Authorization Code and a new tab will open asking for Google credentials
  • Input your Google credentials
  • Copy authorization code
  • Click back on VidyoRoom IP tab
  • Paste Authorization code in authorization code field
  • Select Calendar resource from dropdown
  • Click apply

To schedule a meeting

  • Schedule a meeting with your email account
  • Make sure the Room link is in location or the comments
  • Invite the Google calendar resource configured on the VidyoRoom

To join a meeting

  • Click the down arrow on your remote to get to Calendar meetings
  • Press the OK button on the remote when highlighting the meeting
  • Press the OK button to join the meeting
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