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VidyoDesktop for Windows and Mac: About Anchor Version 3.6.5 (011)


What’s New in This Release

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Application Sharing No Longer Available on Windows 8 and Later

  • On Windows 8 and later, in certain scenarios when a user shares an application, other applications running on that user’s machine may also be shared into the conference. Due to this privacy concern, we have limited sharing on Windows 8 and later to sharing the full display only. On Windows versions earlier than Windows 8 and on Mac OS X, this issue does not exist, therefore application sharing is still available.


Security Enhancement

  • For added security, VidyoDesktop now works with VidyoPortals™ set to support TLS 1.2 only 


Fixed Issues

  • The title of the Configuration and Status window now correctly displays as “Konfiguration und status” instead of “Konfiguration und staat” when German is selected as the system language.



If you'd like to get additional information about this release, see the attached document, VidyoDesktop for Windows and Mac Release Notes Anchor Version 3.6.5.




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