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VidyoRoom 3.x - All You Need to Know for Exchange Calendar Integration with VidyoRoom


Vidyo uses Exchange Webservices (EWS) for calendar integration. We need to use "email address" to authenticate a user as opposed to just a username. This usually confuses exchange security admins because most don't usually set it up that way.

Here is a good description on how to set up a service account for the room systems that can be forwarded to the exchange admins if they don't know how to set it up:

You use the same service account email and password to log into the calendar for ALL room systems in your enterprise. Then to check the calendar, you enter the unique email address for that room in the calendar email address field.

For example, I may have 10 rooms that I want to integrate with calender. Each of the room's authentication account would all use the same (i.e., email address field and password) but the room accounts (i.e., calendar email address field) would be unique.

To verify that the admin set up the service account correctly, you can test this by login to the email web service portal (usually in the URL format of something like with the email address and password they gave you). If you get a pop up for username and then password and you enter the username and password, you will get directed to a xml page.
If you get this, then your room system will work.

Here is an example of what we use here at Vidyo to set up my HD40 room system:

Exchange Services Web URL
syntax: https:<EXCHANGE_SERVER_HOSTNAME>/EWS/Exchange.asmx//

What versions are and are not supported
Officially we support Office 365, 2010. However, if it uses web services, it will "probably" be okay.

Other Gotcha's
The room calendars need to be set up as read only access. Sometimes people think that when they can see busy/free that is it. However, read only access for the account is more than just free/busy availability so make sure the mail admin is aware. You may be able to be authenticated with exchange but you still don't see calendar entries published on the display

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