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Checklist for Gathering Relevant Information and Vidyo Logs


Information to Include in a Support Ticket

  • What version(s) and endpoint(s) are you running including infrastructure components and endpoint(s) (e.g., VidyoDesktop, VidyoConnect, VidyoPortal, VidyoGateway, VidyoRouter, etc.)?
  • What peripherals, devices, and machines are you using (phone, laptop, iPad, etc.)?
  • Are you a cloud or on-premises customer?
  • What are the steps to re-create this issue?
  • Did you receive any error messages or alarms and if so, what is the exact error message (include screenshots)?
  • Are any other users experiencing this problem?
  • Has anything changed (e.g. location, endpoint hardware, accessories, network, firewall, software update, etc.)?
  • Consider gathering information via remote access. 

For tickets which need attachments larger than 20MB or with data that is getting rejected by an email server due to sensitive contents, please log in to the help center and submit or add to the ticket via the form submission. Vidyo leverages SendSafely for file attachments.

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