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Checklist for Managing Large Conferences


To ensure your large conference goes smoothly, please refer to the below checklist as a guideline:

  • Make sure that you silence the meeting before it starts.
  • Check if the group settings of where the meeting is hosted is set to allow enough participants for your call.
  • Confirm that you have sufficient Vidyo Lines for VidyoDesktop, VidyoMobile, VidyoSlate, and VidyoWeb participants.
  • Confirm that you have sufficient Router capacity for VidyoDesktop, VidyoMobile, VidyoSlate, VidyoWeb, VidyoGateway, VidyoRoom, and VidyoReplay participants.
  • Confirm that you have sufficient installs for any new users to large meeting.
  • Check the VidyoVoice service is configured to allow enough simultaneous connections.
  • Make sure participants are trained on joining Vidyo calls, use iPads/iPhone/Android, or have them join earlier to troubleshoot.
  • Have someone who knows how to use Control Meeting page to find, mute, and unmute participants audio/video and audio debug tool from VidyoDesktop.
  • Make sure users are not joining from VidyoVoice and from Vidyo simultaneously.
  • For any VidyoRoom's joining from same office, confirm that audio sends and receives well to/from other participants including VidyoDesktop, VidyoMobile, and VidyoVoice.

If you are unable to get more than 10 participants in a meeting room at a time, the likely causes may be related to the default group settings configurations. For additional information, see Managing Groups as the Tenant Admin.

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