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What Should I Do If I'm Unable to Log in to VidyoCloud via VidyoDesktop?


If you are not able to log in to VidyoCloud or join your meeting via the VidyoDesktop client but you are able to browse the web (e.g. navigate to, you should verify whether you can reach your VidyoCloud URL via a browser.

If you are not able to reach your VidyoCloud URL, verify that you are using the correct VidyoPortal URL, which should have been provided from the system admin. If you receive an HTTP Error (i.e. 401 error) consult this page or contact your network admin to help resolve this matter.

Did that help? If the issue persists, then verify the following:

  • Is the error message related to an invalid username or password?
    • Confirm that you are entering the correct username and password.
    • Reset your password by right clicking on the VidyoDesktop icon in the icon tray and select Manage account.

This will not be available for LDAP or SAML accounts.

Please also read this related article.

If you are still unable to log in from your computer or device, then it's time to contact our experts to further assist.


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