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VidyoDesktop - I see others, but they do not see my video

  1. Click the Preview button in the VidyoDesktop toolbar to enable Self-View; each click will toggle through the Self-View options: Picture-In-Picture, Participant Window, and Off.
  2.  If you can see your local preview, check the following:
    • Privacy Mode button in VidyoDesktop (Camera icon) is enabled. If Red, click button to toggle off Privacy mode.
    • You are the active speaker and others cannot see you (when you speak others only see black window).
    • Firewall is blocking the VidyoRouter media ports (default range: UDP 50000-65535) Verify local security policy/ malware/local firewall isn’t blocking the application.
    • Web Proxy or Filter is interfering with the UDP media. Check Proxy settings or see network admin.
    • There is enough bandwidth available to send video.
    • CPU meets VidyoDesktop minimum requirements.

Is the camera's video seen now? if not continue below:

  • Is your camera plugged in?
    • If not, connect camera to available USB port.

Did that do the trick? if not continue below:

  • Is there another application using the camera?
    • Close the other application or check its settings to release the camera. Quit and restart VidyoDesktop to ensure camera is detected.

How about now? if not continue below:

  • Verify proper camera device is selected in the VidyoDesktop Configuration: Click the Configuration icon, go to Devices, see which Camera is selected. Is the Proper camera is selected?
    • Select the proper Camera and Save.

That worked right? if not continue below:

  • Update camera drivers – check camera manufacturer’s website for latest drivers. 

Did we get it this time? No? continue here:

  • Check if camera works with other applications.
    • Is the camera working with the camera manufacturer’s software?

If you are still unable to send video from your camera, it's time to contact our experts to further assist.

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