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VidyoRoom 3.x - Inogeni is no longer recognized by the VidyoRoom

  • Ensure that the Inogeni is plugged into a USB3.0 port according to the room systems revision getting started guide.
  • Ensure that the Inogeni is using the provided blue USB3.0 cable.
  • If the Inogeni is not being detected by the VidyoRoom or there is not video being captured, continue to the following instructions.
  • Download the following items from the Inogeni website which is found here:
  • Connect the Inogeni to a PC to a USB3.0 port using the supplied blue USB3.0 cable.
  • Open up the Inogeni Updater program.
  • Even if the program is stating that a device is not detected, press the update button.
  • Browse and select the Vidyo firmware which was downloaded (version 1.62).
  • The Inogeni Updater will then update the Inogeni device.
  • Once completed, which can take a couple of minutes, plug the Inogeni back into the VidyoRoom.
  • If the VidyoRoom was on, please reboot it in order for the Inogeni to update to the proper firmware version.


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