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VidyoRoom - Room system camera troubleshooting

  • Dial set to 7 for Visca control
    • This is for Sony HD series Cameras
  • Cables plugged into correct ports as per guide
    • If this is HD230 – Check DMS adapter on the back of the room system, make sure DVI cable is secure and VISCA is properly connected to serial port on the back of the unit.
    • If this is HD40,50,100 – Check that the DVI cable is properly connected to the Inogeni adapter, make sure VISCA is properly connected to Serial2USB adapter.
      • Make sure Inogeni is properly detected by the Vidyo Rooms and selected as the camera source
    • Camera led lights flashing causes and indications
      • Check what LED are flashing, usually an indication of what the issue is (I.E. Power, Fan, Connection, etc.)
      • Make sure Power, DVI, and Visca Cables are properly secure.
      • Check to ensure you can hear the internal camera fans properly working.
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