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VidyoRoom - Video quality is choppy and pixelated.


If you are experiencing video quality issues when using your VidyoRoom system please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. If your video feed to the far end is pixelated, try reducing the resolution in which the video is encoded at.
  2. You can change this by pressing the settings button on your Vidyo IR/RF remote -> Video -> Video Quality.
  3. Ensure that VidyoProxy is not enabled on the room system.
    • Navigate to the webUI of the room system by entering the IP address of the system in browser using https (https://[IP of room system]).
    • Ensure “Always use VidyoProxy” is disabled under the network tab of the settings page.
    • If the quality is still poor, reboot the room system by pressing the settings button of the Vidyo IR/RF remote -> Advanced -> Reboot room system.
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