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How do I view my contacts list?

  1. Enter a name in this text box to search for a contact.

As soon as you begin typing, search results display. If any users have the same name, the search results display those users’ email addresses beside their names in order to help you differentiate between the users.

Note   Beside each name in the search results, a  icon displays. Click this icon if you want to add the person to your Contacts List.

  1. The number of contacts in your Contacts List.
  2. The status and name of the contact or room. Click to view information about the contact or room, place a direct call to the contact, join the contact’s room, or join a public room.

For more information about placing a call or joining a contact’s room, see Connecting to a Contact’s Room or Connecting to a Contact Directly.

  1. Click to invite guests to a Vidyo meeting and automatically schedule the meeting on your calendar.

When you click , a meeting appointment automatically opens using your default mail application. Depending on what type of room you selected on the Options screen, the meeting invitation pre-fills either with a unique room link to a Vidyo room that was created for that particular meeting (also known as a scheduled room) or with your personal Vidyo room information (also known as “My Room”). You can select the date and time for the meeting, edit the content, and send it to guests that you want to invite. This meeting will be automatically scheduled on your calendar.

  1. Click to open the Configuration and Status

For more information, see Using the Configuration and Status Screen.

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