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Downloading, Installing, Using, and Troubleshooting VidyoConnect and VidyoDesktop


This article has been recently revised to help you better understand Enghouse Vidyo's current and legacy desktop and mobile endpoint products.

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About VidyoConnect, VidyoDesktop, and VidyoMobile

Enghouse Vidyo’s most up-to-date enterprise meeting solution for team collaboration is VidyoConnect™. VidyoConnect is available for both desktop and mobile endpoints. It offers a rich set of features and a unified UX across platforms.  We invite you to visit our VidyoConnect page to find out more about all the VidyoConnect applications and the plans we offer. For more specific information about how to switch from VidyoDesktop to VidyoConnect, see the Transition from VidyoDesktop to VidyoConnect article. 


Current Desktop and Mobile Endpoint Products/Solutions

vidyoconnect_logo.png    VidyoConnect for Desktop

vidyoconnect_logo.png   VidyoConnect for Mobile


Legacy Desktop and Mobile Endpoint Products/Solutions

vidyodesktop_logo.png    VidyoDesktop

vidyomobile.png   VidyoMobile

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