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Deleting Public Meeting Rooms


If a public room is no longer needed, there are two ways to remove it: you can delete a public room completely from the system or you can disable the room. If you permanently delete a public room from your system, it cannot be undone. Disabling a room puts it on hold with all its information intact and prevents that room from showing up in searches on the User portal. For more information about disabling room, see Adding Meeting Rooms.

To delete a personal room associated with a user, you must first delete the user. Deleting the user automatically deletes his or her room. For more information, see Deleting Users.

To delete a public meeting room:

  1. Log in to the Admin portal using your Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Tenant Admin Portal.

    The Users page displays by default.

  2. Click the Meeting Rooms tab.

    The Manage Meeting Rooms page displays.


  3. Find the public room that needs to be deleted by using the search filters, sorting on the headers, or by pagination.

  4. Select one or more checkboxes for the room(s) that need to be deleted.

    The checkboxes display only in the rows of public meeting rooms since those are the only ones that can be deleted in this manner.

  5. Click Delete at the bottom of the page and answer Yes to all prompts.
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