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Exporting .CSV Files


When exporting a .csv file, the first line of the file is considered the header and is not imported as one of the added users. All .csv files must use UTF8 encoding. The following image shows the .csv data in a spreadsheet.


The columns in the .csv file are described below:

  • The User Type column show the various user types. You can import all types of users including admins, operators, VidyoRooms, executives, and legacy devices. However, when imported, they are all created as the Normal user type.

  • The Username, Password, Fullname, and Email columns provide details about the user.

  • The Extension column shows the user's unique extension.

    The extension values must be numeric values.

  • The Group column shows the provisioned group to which the user belongs.

    The groups must be defined before you can assign users to them. For more information about groups, contact Vidyo Support.

  • The Language column shows the two-letter language code for the user.

  • The Description column shows the optional information that may have been entered when the user was added.

    For more information, see Adding New Users.

  • The Proxy column shows the optional proxy to which the user has been assigned.

    For more information, see Adding New Users.

  • The LocationTag column shows the location tag to which the user has been assigned.

    For more information, see Adding New Users.

Except for Proxy and Description, all user account fields are required when importing users.

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