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Best Practices for Your VidyoConference!


Conducting a successful Vidyo video conference involves a mix of great technology, great people and administrative sensibility. This article offers some best practices of an administrative nature to help ensure a successful Vidyo video conference.

Introduce All Participants - At the beginning of your meeting, be sure to introduce all participants unless you are certain that everyone knows each other.  Though participant names should be displayed below their image by default, it is still a good idea to make sure that introductions are made.

Have an Agenda - Inform participants of the subject, purpose and goals for the meeting. This will help keep your meeting on target.

Avoid Background Noise and Distraction - Avoid checking email, sending a text message, excessive shuffling of papers, or side conversations. If you have an interruption during your meeting, mute your microphone or put your camera in Privacy Mode. NOTE: if you only mute your camera by going into Privacy Mode, you can still be heard.

Speak Audibly - Speak in a clear, natural tone. This should be as natural as if the person was standing in front of you.

Use the right peripherals - Use optimal tested devices to ensure the best experience.

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