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Using the Manage Users Table


 You can use the Manage Users table to view, delete, and manage the users.

To use the Manage Users table:

  1. Log in to the Admin portal using your Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Tenant Admin Portal.

    The Users page displays by default. This page lists the users in a table format. You can drag and drop the column headings to arrange them in the order you prefer.


  2. Search by member name, extension, type, group name, and whether or not the user account is enabled using the various fields above the table.

    The member name search works for both display names and usernames. These names are the ones that display in the VidyoPortal™ and may not necessarily be the user's full name.

  3. Use the following buttons at the bottom of the page to change your view of the table:
    • Click the Refresh button to refresh the table.
    • Click the First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, and Last Page direction arrows to scroll through multiple pages of results in the table.
    • Enter a page number to access a specific page of results in the table.
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