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Helping Users View or Record Their Meetings


To configure a group for VidyoReplay use:

  1. Log in to the Admin portal using your Admin account.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
    The Manage Groups left menu item is selected by default.
  3. You can either create a group for VidyoReplay use or edit an existing one before proceeding to the next step.
    For more information, see Adding a New Group and Editing a Group.
  4. Select the Allow VidyoReplay
  5. Click Save to keep the group settings.
    If some information is missing, incorrect, or already in the system, an error message is shown at the top of the screen indicating which fields must be addressed.
    When all required fields are complete and valid, the data is saved to the database, the main table is shown, and a Success message is displayed at the top of the screen.
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