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Controlling a Meeting From a Tablet


If a user receives an invitation to a Vidyo meeting, and they click the guest link from their tablet, they are provided with an option to moderate the meeting. The user can moderate a meeting in his/her own room or in another person's room by entering the Moderator PIN.

To control a meeting from a tablet:

  1. Launch your email application on your tablet.

  2. Open your Vidyo meeting application.

  3. Tap the room link in your meeting invitation.

    The Vidyo page displays.

    Tap Manage Conference.

    The Control Meeting Login dialog box displays.

  4. Enter your username and password.

  5. Tap OK.
    • If the conference is being held in your own room, the Control Meeting page displays.

  6. If the conference is being held in another user's room, you must first provide the Moderator PIN:
    • In the Moderator PIN dialog box, enter the Moderator PIN provided by the room owner.
    • Tap OK.

For more information about the tasks you can perform from the Control Meeting page, see Controlling a Meeting from the VidyoPortal.

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