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VidyoDesktop - Log Gathering

  • Click the ‘Generate Diagnostics Report’ button
  • The logs will be zipped and saved to the user’s Desktop
  • Please specify the date/time that the issue occurred
  • Send VidyoDesktop logs to Support

  • Manual log location on Windows: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Vidyo\Data\User
  • Manual log location on Mac: 
    1. When you have finder selected, choose the “Go” dropdown window.
    2. If you are in OSX before Lion, “Library” will be listed
    3. If Lion or above, hold down the “Option” button and “Library” should appear as it is normally hidden.
    4. Click that and go to /Logs/Vidyo Desktop
    5. Please send the logs from this folder
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