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Transitioning from to VidyoPlatform FAQ


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to help you as you transition from to VidyoPlatform.


What are the significant differences between and VidyoPlatform in terms of their Backend and Client SDKs?


First, let's talk about the differences in the Backend or tenant where the rooms are managed and to where all participants in call connect. VidyoPlatform

The developer has no control over it.

Rooms are operated automatically - the rooms are created when the first participant connects and deleted when the last participant leaves.


The developer has complete control.

The entire room management - create, modify, remove, lock, protect with PIN - is available.


No developer interaction with the backend processes, (e.g., number of rooms created/deleted), required. 

The developer interacts with  the backend via web services (SOAP-based now, REST in progress).

Other Vidyo components such as VidyoReplay for recordings cannot be used.


Vidyo components such as VidyoGateway, VidyoReplay, can be used.


Vidyo's call moderation capabilities are not needed here because there is no "user" entity and and each participant is a "guest".

The developer can use Vidyo's call moderation capabilities via web services.


No web admin page.


A web admin page is available for the developer/admin to manage the backend through the web interface without coding.


Client SDKs (Windows. macOS, Android, iOS)

The Client SDK for and VidyoPlatform is the same.
So, a developer can use the same SDK for both. However, there is a difference in the API method that is used for connecting the endpoint to the call as described in the following table. VidyoPlatform

Required .Connect () method to connect to

Requires ConnectToRoomAsGuest () method to connect to VidyoPlatform.

To connect to call, the developer had to pass the "token" value which was generated based on ApplicationId and DeveloperKey assigned to the developer's account.

To connect to VidyoPlatform call, the developer must pass the "RoomKey" value received from the room that was created in the backend.



Client SDK - Web  (Javascript)

  • Web SDK for VidyoPlatform and are different.
  • Developers must request the Web SDK for VidyoPlatform from us. Upon receiving the SDK, they must host VidyoClient.js and load it to the client.
  • For more information on loading the VidyoClient.js, refer to the sample application provided within the  Web SDK package.

How do I complete the transition to VidyoPlatform?

For more information about transitioning from to VidyoPlatform, refer to this article

Will I lose any functionality that I currently have on when I move to VidyoPlatform?

No. VidyoPlatform has all of the same functionality as

What will happen to my minutes and/or licenses?

When you move to production on VidyoPlatform, all of your minutes or licenses on will be transferred over. 

Is there an EU-only environment available on VidyoPlatform?

VidyoPlatform will have an EU-only environment available starting mid-May 2021.

Is there a pre-production or development system that I can test against prior to production?

Yes. Vidyo will provision you with a tenant free of charge until you’re ready to move forward with production.

How can I obtain professional services from Vidyo to support my migration?

Please reach out to us at to learn more about our professional services packages.

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    Tilo Christ

    The link in the first section (for more information click here) is linking back to this page. How do I really get more information?

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    Mona Cocciardi

    Thanks for letting be know about the link. It now goes to the Transitioning from to VidyoPlatform FAQ article as it should have. That should help answer some questions, and you can also contact us at

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