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Action Required: VidyoPortal™ Security Fix


Description of Issue

Our developers at Enghouse Vidyo are always working to make VidyoPortal server software secure and reliable. We perform security audits of our software on a regular basis, and as a result of the latest audit, we are issuing a critical security update.

Enghouse Vidyo highly recommends that you immediately update your VidyoPortal version as shown in the table below.

Products Impacted

  • VidyoPortal version 20.2.1 Limited Availability (LA)
  • VidyoPortal version 20.2.0 General Availability (GA)
  • VidyoPortal versions 20.1.1, 20.1.3, and 20.1.5 LA
  • VidyoPortal version 20.1.0 GA
  • VidyoPortal version 19.3.0 GA
  • VidyoPortal version 19.2.0 GA

Recommended Solution

  • If you are an on-premises customer, Enghouse Vidyo strongly advises you to immediately update your VidyoPortal software as listed in the following table. Downloads are available from the Portal and Router Packages article.

    If you have this VidyoPortal version... You must immediately update to this VidyoPortal version...
    21.1.1 LA No update needed. Not affected.
    21.1.0 GA No update needed. Not affected.
    20.2.1 LA 21.1.1 LA
    20.2.0 GA 21.1.0 GA
    20.1.1, 20.1.3, or 20.1.5 LA 21.1.1 LA
    20.1.0 GA 20.1.6 or 21.1.0 GA
    19.3.0 GA 20.1.6 or 21.1.0 GA
    19.2.0 GA 20.1.6 or 21.1.0 GA
    19.1.0 No update needed. Not affected.
  • If you are a cloud customer, you don’t need to take any action; we are in the process of applying the update for you. Please refer to the notifications you receive from the VidyoCloud Statuspage for the most current information.

Additional Help

If you need help, contact your Vidyo Reseller or contact the Vidyo Support Team via email or phone at the locations listed in the Contact Us article.

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