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Important Notice: False Alerts When Downloading VidyoConnect Room or VidyoRoom Installer Files


Description of Issue

When submitting VidyoConnect Room or VidyoRoom Installer.exe files to the VirusTotal website, you may receive false positive alerts. You may receive these false alerts from any of the VirusTotal engines, such as those listed here. A false positive alert occurs when a file that is free of viruses is erroneously flagged as malware or as suspicious.

The false alerts may appear on any VidyoConnect Room or VidyoRoom installer file, including those for hardware, for Software Editions, for Microsoft® Windows 7, for Windows 10, etc. Even if an installer file was previously submitted to VirusTotal without any issues, the false positive alerts may appear when the same installer file is resubmitted. 

Actions Taken by Enghouse Vidyo to Secure Files

  • Before Enghouse Vidyo releases download files, our security team utilizes several tools including submission of the file to an AV vendor(s) to verify the safety and authenticity of the file.  
  • Customers can rest assured that even though these false positive alerts are rare, we analyze them thoroughly and make all efforts to remove them.

Products Impacted

  • Any VidyoConnect Room or VidyoRoom Installer .exe file.

Recommended Workaround

  • If you encounter alerts from VirusTotal, Enghouse Vidyo recommends that you analyze the Installer .exe file with other reliable antivirus tools.
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