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VidyoPortal - Updated VidyoPortal to 3.4.x and VidyoDesktop cannot create an Outlook meeting


Problematic Scenario:

Vidyo Portal has been upgraded from 3.3.x to 3.4.x.

Vidyo Desktop client isn't able to create a Outlook Meeting by clicking the "schedule meeting" button. This was working before the update. 




In newer VidyoDesktop versions, options were set to "create a new room for every invitation", but the feature wasn't enabled on the portal. 

  • Enabling Scheduled Meeting Room - We recommend enabling the schedule meeting room option on the Vidyo Portal as a solution to resolve this issue and may also prove to be more helpful for users who do not desire random guests to join their conferences. You can enable this feature by viewing our article for Configuring scheduled and public room settings
  • Workaround - You can implement a workaround by going into the Vidyo Desktop settings > options and selecting the "You personal room" option. This will allow the Vidyo Desktop client to use your personal room instead of attempting to use a "new room" which may have not been enabled on the Vidyo Portal. 



The Vidyo Desktop client was set up with the "create a new room for every invitation" as the default.
Since the use case is a meeting that is from an email client, the workflow is as such that every meeting created has a unique id. This is to facilitate security concerns where the possibility of someone "popping" into a personal room is not desired.
Vidyo recommends enabling this "scheduled rooms" feature on the VidyoPortal.
One of the main reasons is the difference between personal and "public" rooms. The new rooms which are created are considered public rooms. Vidyo's next-generation product line, VidyoConnect is based on Public rooms only and will no longer be able to "see" personal rooms created prior.

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