The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™ version 17.1.0:

VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Version 17.1.0 - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
VPTL-7346 The Admin Console now waits until the maintenance process is completed before returning back to Hot Standby menu, thereby preventing the menu from displaying the incorrect status.
VPTL-7255 The Audit logs now capture changes made on the Super Admin portal Settings > Manage Endpoint Software page.
VPTL-7170 The status-notify.log in the TCP streaming server properly updates when muting or unmuting the audio or video from the HTML Control Meeting page.
VPTL-6915 Searches for meeting room names that contain a hyphen now return results that are consistent and reliable.
VPTL-6346 After a database restore, the server does not need to be restarted in order to see the actual settings.


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