Vidyo is focusing on its next gen endpoints platform which is the Vidyo Neo line.

As such, certain items open and known in the previous line of products no longer reproduce or are not relevant to the flow in Vidyo Neo.

These items will be noted here as an active master article linking to the limitations that will remain in the previous product line.

Description Addressed  in Neo?
VidyoDesktop reports device names up to 23 characters No
When using a display name with a ; symbol, participants only see info before the ; No
Monitor names are garbled when trying to share content Yes
Sometimes when setting system language to Japanese, the email invite still sends as English Yes
VidyoDesktop text is over sized in certain application windows Yes
On a Mac with VidyoDesktop sharing in full screen mode is not possible Yes
Mac OS Sierra - Participants are thumbnail-sized when joining a meeting Yes
VidyoDesktop active speaker mode is shown instead of tile view Yes
When using the email button from the VidyoDesktop in-call sidebar in order to invite others to a meeting, an error occurs. Yes
Control meeting shows "orphaned" participants for VidyoDesktop endpoints sometimes Yes
Alphabets, numbers, and 'space' are not displayed properly in UTF8 Yes
VidyoMobile for iOS does not notify an incoming call when in background No
If a username has an @ symbol in it, login history isn't displayed properly No
Display name with @ symbol causes the list of users to be sorted unexpectedly No
When an Android device is set to landscape and joins a conference, the the image is vertical Yes
Vidyo extension for Google Chrome
A space character must be allowed to exist after the meeting link, else clicking on "Join via Vidyo" button will present a corrupted link Yes
VidyoNeo direct calling to VidyoRoom Gen3 endpoints Yes
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