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Configuring Your Web SSL/TLS Settings


You can configure your web SSL/TLS settings to ensure that your network is secure at all times.

To configure your web SSL/TLS settings:

  1. Log in to the System Console.
    For more information, see Logging in to the System Console of Your Server and Changing the Default Password.

    Press the Enter key after each prompt.

  2. Enter m for more options.

  3. Enter A for Advanced Options.

  4. Enter A to select the Web SSL/TLS Settings option.

  5. Select the appropriate web SSL/TLS setting to enable the desired level of security for your network.


    Enter Y or N to confirm all changes after each selection.

    • Enter 1 to select the Default (Default Cipher Suite/TLS 1.0 or Higher) option for old backward compatibility that works with all clients back to Windows® XP/IE6.
    • Enter 2 to select the Intermediate (TLS 1.0 or Higher) option for compatibility with legacy clients as old as Firefox® 1, Chrome™ 1, IE 7, Opera 5, Safari® 1, Windows XP IE8, Android™ 2.3, and Java™ 7.
    • Enter 3 to select the Modern (TLS 1.2 or Higher) option for compatibility with modern clients such as Firefox 27, Chrome 30, IE 11 on Windows 7, Edge, Opera 17, Safari 9, Android 5.0, and Java 8, which provides a higher level of security.
    • Enter 4 to select the Reload Web Security Config option to reload the Apache with the new settings without dropping active calls. New sessions will use the updated settings.

      For additional information about these settings, refer to the following web page:

      You should use the Reload Web Security Config option after selecting either the Default (Default Cipher Suite/TLS 1.0 or Higher), Intermediate (TLS 1.0 or Higher), or Modern (TLS 1.2 or Higher) option and confirming all changes so that active calls on your system are not disrupted.

  6. Enter x to return to the Advanced Options menu.
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    Jodi Sergeant

    This article will be archived in one week as the contents are now condensed into one main article called, "Super Admin: Configuring Your Server".  Please reference this new link and article from now on. 

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