The following table lists the known issues in VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™ version 3.4.6:

VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Version 3.4.6 - Known Issues
Key Summary
VPTL-7147 The TCP streaming server is unable to keep up with the logging of user events.
VPTL-4145 When all seat licenses are in use, Executive, VidyoPanorama™, and Legacy users are not allowed be imported from csv and the error message “Seat license exceeded: Stopping import of users at line x…” appears.
VPTL-4133 The same legacy device cannot be added to two different tenants. The legacy device must be deleted from one tenant in order to add it to another tenant.
VPTL-4111 When a column on the Super Admin Components page gets resized to the left, the last column expands to the right and vice versa.
VPTL-979 The Audit logs do not capture changes made to some of the tabs on the Settings page.


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