The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™ version 3.4.6:

VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Version 3.4.6 - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
VM-143 An issue that caused the VidyoManager to enter a deadlock state under certain circumstances has been resolved.
VPTL-7340 When an endpoint or client is deleted from the admin/tenant side, the file no longer gets deleted; therefore, the endpoint or client is not deleted from the other tenants on the VidyoPortal.
VPTL-7331 SAML support is now available for VidyoMobile when Vidyo Neo for Desktop is uploaded and VidyoPortal version 3.4.5 or later is being used.
VPTL-7253 When the CDN is configured for a SAML tenant, the VidyoDesktop™ download now works.
VPTL-7122 The rsync2 log is being properly purged and is no longer growing at an erroneous rate.
VPTL-7115 The “offline” status now gets updated in the notification server when a user is logged out from VidyoDesktop.
VPTL-7111 Web Services authentication now works as expected, including getting a response from the VidyoPortal and being able to save the configuration.
VPTL-7101 The VidyoPortal now properly sends out New Account Notification and Forgot Password emails. 
VPTL-7064 The erroneous “The page is no longer supported” message no longer appears when a user quits VidyoDesktop, clicks on a guest link to join a call, and then launches VidyoDesktop. 
VPTL-7004 Deploying SAML metadata no longer causes a 500 server error. 
VPTL-6468 When a new user account is created, the email notification is now received. 
VR-684 and VR-683 If a user joins a call after the content has been shared from a VidyoRoom™ system, they can now see video as well as the shared content. 


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