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Using the Temperature Alarm Feature



VidyoRooms now monitor their CPU temperature (3.3.19 and up). If the temperature gets to a high or
critical level, the temperature reading appears on the Admin WebGUI page so that you
can promptly address the issue.

The temperature is also tracked in a log file. This log file is accessible via the Admin UI, and if you’ve enabled the Splunk® forwarder feature, it will also be forwarded to
your Splunk server.



Below are the temperature thresholds:

VidyoRoom High Temperature (C) Critical Temperature (C)
HD40A 95 104
HD40B 90 99
HD40C 95 104
HD-100D 83 91
Prod4 HD100 77 85
HD-230 90 99
HD-2 90 99
HD-3 90 99


87 96



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    James Magnus

    What would cause the high temps besides bad ventilation?

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