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VidyoCloud Usage Dashboard Glossary



VidyoCloud Usage Dashboard Glossary


Tenant List – This contains the list of Tenants that a user can view. The dropdown has “<Select A Tenant>”, “All Tenants”, and the individual Tenant Names.


Time Range – The range of times the user can pick from. This governs the start and end date of the graphs.


Granularity – Each of the graphs have data points that are sums over ranges. For instance, using a week’s granularity would mean that each data point is aggregated over a week.


VidyoCloud – Current Status – This contains a number of participants that are currently using the system. This means if this tenant has 2 calls with 2 people on each of them, this would show “4 Participants”. There is also a color associated with the health of VidyoCloud, specified under the number of participants.

  • Green – Good – Everything is working as expected.
  • Yellow – Degraded – Quality could be slightly impacted, but service is up.
  • Red – Portal Down – Service is down.
  • Blue – No Vidyo Update – We do not have any update on the status of the environment.


Maximum Concurrent Participants – The greatest number of connected participants over the span of one or more Vidyo calls. If at one point in time, the tenant has 3 calls with 3 participants on each of them, and at another time has 1 call with 8 participants on it, the Maximum Concurrent Participants would be 9.


Total Vidyo Minute Usage – The sum total of the number of minutes spent in any type of Vidyo call. If a tenant has 2 calls with 2 people each and the calls are 3 minutes long, the value would be 12 Vidyo Minutes.


Total Voice Minute Usage (Phone Dial-In) – Same as Vidyo Minutes but only looking at Voice calls.


Number of Meetings – If a tenant has a call that uses a room, everyone joins, everyone leaves, then everyone joins again, this counts as two meetings.


Number of Active Registered Users – Number of unique users that are registered through the Vidyo Portal and are logged in when they participate in a Vidyo call.


Number of Active Endpoints – The total number of endpoints through which a call was made. This includes computer, phones, room systems, etc.


License Utilization – Shows the tenant’s seats and installs used and what the maximum they are provisioned for.


CDR Export – Allows exporting of the Call Detail Records.

  • To export, wait for the panel to finish loading, click the Export icon on the bottom left, enter a File Name and desired format, and click Export.
    • If you cannot find the Export Icon, try hovering over the CDR Export panel



Example Screenshots:

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