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How Do I Report a Security Issue to Vidyo?


Vidyo takes security very seriously; therefore, if you believe you've discovered a security vulnerability or any other security issue while using a Vidyo product or service, please report the issue to us at your earliest convenience.

To report a security issue to Vidyo:

  1. Go to the Vidyo Help Center

  2. Click the green Submit a Ticket button.

  3. Choose the flow most suited to the security issue.
    Some of the available options are shown here: 


  4. Explain your security vulnerability or concern in the ticket title and description. Please be sure to include the CVE number for the security vulnerability.

Our engineers will treat your ticket as a high-severity, high-priority ticket in the system and mark it as security-related before commencing our internal escalation process.


If you don't have a vidyo account (Zendesk account), please email us with all the details above to


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