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VidyoWeb: About Version 1.3.16


What's New in This Release

Mozilla® Firefox® deprecated the NPAPI plugin architecture altogether on March 7th with the release of Firefox version 52. When this occurred, Vidyo’s NPAPI plugin available for Firefox also ceased to work.

To address this, Vidyo recommends a WebRTC solution, such as the VidyoConnect™ for WebRTC Server. In addition, we highly recommend installing VidyoWeb version 1.3.16. When this version is installed, the following will occur when a user tries to connect to a Vidyo call:

  • If a WebRTC solution is available, the user will be automatically connected to the conference via WebRTC.
  • If a WebRTC solution is not available, a message will display indicating that Firefox is not supported and prompting the user to use Chrome™, Internet Explorer®, or Safari® as an alternative.

Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issue

The following table lists the resolved issue in VidyoWeb™ Extension version 1.3.16:

VidyoWeb Extension Version 1.3.16 - Resolved Issue
Key Summary
VWEB-3316 The sendRequest and sendEvent APIs now return values in all cases.


Known Issues

No new known issues were discovered in VidyoWeb Extension version 1.3.16 since version 1.3.15.


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    Derek Armer-Derner

    IE 11 doesn't work. 

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