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Troubleshooting FAQs


Do All Servers in the Cluster Have Valid Signed Certificates?

Invalid certificates will cause HTTPS connections to fail. If you use certificates that are not signed by a valid Certificate Authority or Self-Signed or use HTTP, browsers will block or warn against connections to your system and will not provide access to the camera and microphone. For more information, see Securing Your Vidyo Server with SSL and HTTPS.

Are the Media Servers Configured on the Session Manager?

The Media Servers’ FQDN must be correctly configured on the Session Manager for it to route calls to the Media Server. If the FQDN associated with the Media Server is incorrectly configured, browsers will not be able to reach the Media Server. For more information, see Configuring Your Production Interface.

Do You Have Enough Media Server Capacity to Handle All Media Streams?

You should plan for sufficient capacity by following the recommendations in this guide. While in production, monitor the Media Server capacity by looking at the Cluster View in the Session Manager. This allows you to see the remaining Sessions for every Media Server in the cluster. For more information, see Configuring VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server Clusters and Managing Configurations.

Is DNS Configured for Resolving the Portal IP?

VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server must be configured with a DNS server that can resolve the FQDN of the VidyoPortal to which it is connecting calls. The DNS server can be configured through the Admin Console. For more information, see Configuring Your VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server.

Has Your VidyoPortal Tenant Been Whitelisted?

All VidyoPortals for which you will use the VidyoConnect for WebRTC Server to connect calls must be whitelisted on the Configurations page. See Configuring Whitelisted Portals.

Have Firewall Rules Been Configured Correctly?

See the Network Topology section for a list of ports that must be opened. For more information, see Network Topology.

Does the Client Browser Support WebRTC?

Only Chrome and Firefox browsers have supported WebRTC implementations.

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