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H.323/SIP Dialing Guidelines for


We offer VidyoGateway as a service within our VidyoCloud platform, giving VidyoConnect and VidyoDesktop users the ability to connect with users that are on systems via SIP and H.323 videoconferencing protocols. This provides additional services for users who may have legacy telemedinice carts and need to connect from VidyoConnect or VidyoDesktop to those carts.

Therefore, we have outlined H.323 and SIP dialing guidelines below for users who are accessing For additional information about setting up stateful firewall connections for, see the information in the VidyoCloud Firewall Information for Connecting Clients/Endpoints article.

Outbound H.323 Dialing

Prefix: 033

<VidyoGateway Outgoing service prefix> + <IP Address of H.323 system>

Here is an example: 033192.167.1.2

All outgoing H.323 calls are P2P connections if dialed from a Vidyo user’s homepage. For conferences or multipoint connections, you must be added via invitation from your Control Meeting or Admin Page functions.

Outbound SIP Dialing

Prefix: 035

<VidyoGateway Outgoing service prefix> + <IP Address of H.323 system>

Here is an example: 035192.167.1.2

Inbound SIP/H.323 Dialing

No prefix is required. Dial

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