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General Free Pilot Program Subscription FAQs



  1. Do I have to register for the free pilot program if I'm an existing freemium user?
    No, you do not need to register for the free pilot program. When you sign in to your account on December 1, 2017 and any time thereafter, you will have access to all of the new features that are associated with the free pilot program for 60 days. After 60 days, you are required to upgrade to a team plan. If you choose not to upgrade, then your account is canceled and all associated data is deleted.

  2. How many days can I use the free pilot program before I'm required to upgrade to a team plan?
    You have access to VidyoConnect for 60 days and then you are required to upgrade to a team plan. For more information about upgrading from the free pilot program, see Upgrading Your Plan.
  3. What happens if I do not upgrade within 60 days?
    If you do not upgrade within 60 days, then your Admin account is canceled along with any associated user accounts that you created. You will receive an email regarding this cancelation.
  4. How many users can I add to my free plan?
    You can add up to 50 users. For more information about adding and deleting users, see Adding and Deleting Users.
  5. How many rooms can I add to my free plan?
    One room is created by default for every Admin and user regardless of the plan selected. The name of this room can be changed at any time. Admins and users can add up to two additional rooms if needed.
  6. Which endpoints can my users and I use to join meetings?
    • VidyoConnect for Desktop
    • VidyoConnect for Mobile
    • VidyoConnect for WebRTC
    • Audio Only
    • H.323 or SIP Dial-in
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    Jodi Sergeant

    As of April 2020, this program is no longer offered. 

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