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Viewing Analytics in the VidyoCloud Usage Dashboard


If you are a cloud customer, you can view analytics and monitor the usage for each endpoint per tenant from the VidyoCloud Usage dashboard in Splunk.  If you need an account, please contact:

Some of the information that displays on this dashboard includes the following:

  • VidyoCloud Current Status
  • Usage Summary
  • Number of Calls by Country
  • Maximum Concurrent Participants
  • Total Vidyo Minute Usage
  • Total Vidyo Minute Usage - Breakdown
  • Total Voice Minute Usage (Phone Dial-In)
  • Number of Meetings
  • Number of Active Registered Users
  • Number of Active Endpoints
  • Number of Calls by Application Name

Viewing Analytics

To view analytics:

  1. Log in to VidyoConnect.

    The HOME page appears.

  2. Click ANALYTICS from the main menu.

    The Terms of Service page appears if this is your first time accessing your Analytics dashboard. Select the Click here to accept the terms checkbox and click the Ok button.

    Otherwise, your Analytics dashboard page appears as shown here.

  3. Do the following:
    • Select a time range from the Time Range drop-down.
    • Select the level of granularity from the Granularity drop-down, which determines how the data will display. 
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