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VidyoEngage for Genesys: About Version


What's New in this Release

Here's what's new in this release:

  • A Click-to-Vidyo interaction can now be cancelled via the Vidyo Server API.
    If the interaction has not yet been accepted by an agent when the cancel request is received by the Vidyo Server, the interaction being processed completely stops. If an agent has accepted the interaction, the Workspace presents a notification informing the agent that the customer has cancelled their request for a video conference.
  • Video conferences can be automatically recorded using VidyoReplay™.
    The Vidyo Recorder is automatically joined as a participant to the video conference. The configuration dictates whether the recording is mandatory; whereby, the video conference is ended if the Vidyo Recorder fails to join or disconnect from the conference.
  • When using the Vidyo Client API, the Workspace may now request that the video conference camera, microphone, and speaker be set to the system defaults.
  • An error message and/or business relevant data may be provided back to the customer UI via the Vidyo Server if provided in the ORS Strategy response to a Click-to-Vidyo request.
    The data must be set using a JSON-formatted string and Key Name UserDataGenesys.
  • The Local Application Sharing selection list presented in the Workspace may optionally include the entire Desktop display.
  • Vidyo Server now supports High Availability Warm Standby communication with the Interaction Server.
  • The sample Composer project in this solution includes changes to support the following:
    • Cancelling the Agent Reservation Timer once an agent accepts the Vidyo interaction.
    • Sending a “No Agents available after hours” response using the Key Name UserDataGenesys API after the Agent Reservation Timer expires (default=120s).
  • The custom configuration option syntax has been corrected as follows:
    custom.vidyo.mark-done-on-release to custom.vidyo-mark-done-on-release.


Deployment Package Contents

The deployment package contents include the following:

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