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VidyoConnect for Mobile: About Version 17.3.0


The VidyoConnect™ mobile app brings high-quality, enterprise-grade video collaboration to users with iOS and Android™ tablets and smartphones.

This app makes it easier for users to meet over video while on-the-go. In order to enjoy the full capabilities of the app, your organization must have a paid subscription to Vidyo’s cloud services or an on-premises portal deployment.


What's In This Release

The VidyoConnect mobile app lets you search for, join, and host multipoint video conferencing meetings from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device. Here are some of the key features you’ll enjoy with this app:

  • Join a conference room directly or join as a guest.

  • View shared meeting content during a video conference.

  • Customize your conferencing layout:
    • See up to four onscreen participants for phones.
    • See up to eight onscreen participants for tablets.

  • Make a participant or the content share bigger with pinch-to-zoom and real-time panning.

  • Chat with other participants during the meeting.

  • View the list of participants, including which participants are guests.

  • Enjoy in-call device controls such as:
    • Muting your microphone and camera.
    • Flipping to use the front-facing or rear-facing camera.


  • Reconnect automatically in transient network conditions.

  • Dial out to SIP/H.323 endpoints and invite them into your Vidyo meeting:
    • To initiate a SIP/H.323 endpoint dial-out call, simply click the 4.png button and enter the SIP dial string or the IP address of the H.323 endpoint.

  • Search for your meeting rooms:
    • If your organization has an on-premises portal, personal rooms are available by default.
    • If your organization subscribes to the cloud service, contact Vidyo Support if you would like to enable the personal rooms feature.

  • Optimize quality and efficiency with automatic and adaptive encoding modes up to 540p.

  • Help your video meetings stand up to the challenges and unpredictability of wireless, 3G, and 4G networks and withstand up to 20% packet loss.

  • Log in quickly and easily with SAML authentication.

  • Generate logs.



Android and iOS Version Compatibility for VidyoConnect for Mobile

The following table defines the compatibility between VidyoConnect for Mobile version 17.3.0 and OS versions.

Compatible Android Versions Compatible iOS Versions

5.0 (Lollipop)

10.10.x and 10.10.x-1

5.1 (Lollipop)

10.11.x and 10.11.x-1

6.0 (Marshmallow)

10.12.x and 10.12.x-1

7.0 (Nougat)



Portal Compatibility for On-Premises VidyoConnect Customers

If your organization has an on-premises portal (rather than a cloud subscription), go to the refer to the Vidyo Compatibility Matrix article to determine which version of the portal your VidyoConnect release is compatible with.


Known Issues

Known Issues for Android

The following table lists the known issues for Android in version 17.3.0.

VidyoConnect for Mobile 17.3.0 – Known Issues for Android
Key Summary
NEPANDRD-2266 Any settings that an admin configures via the Control Meeting page (such as muting the microphone) while a user is joining a room are not applied once the user joins the room (for example, the user would not be muted).

Due to a energy-saving feature with Huawei P8 phones, when a user puts the VidyoConnect app in the background and then the app is closed from the Recent list, the foreground service is stopped without any notification to the user.

Workaround: Manually add the VidyoConnect app to the protected apps group in Settings (Battery Manager > Protected Apps). This will allow the elected app to keep running after the screen is turned off.

After approximately 30 minutes on a call using a Nexus 7, the audio is sent with about an 8 second delay; after about 10 more minutes, the user gets disconnected from the call and the “The conference has ended” message appears.


If a user clicks to delete their own room and then disconnects from the network, the deletion of the room should not continue; however, a confirmation pop-up appears with the Delete Room and Cancel buttons enabled.


When writing a chat message, there is no way to send the message when using the emoji keyboard.


If a user clicks “+” to create a new room but then disconnects from the network, the Create Room and Cancel buttons remain enabled; however, if the user clicks the Create Room button, the room is not created.


Known Issues for iOS

The following table lists the known issues for iOS in version 17.3.0.

VidyoConnect for Mobile 17.3.0 – Known Issues for Android 
Key Summary
NEPIOS-2226 If a user clicks the Dial Out button and dials out to a legacy endpoint, but the VidyoConnect app is killed while the user is in the call, when that user relaunches the app and tries to call the same legacy endpoint, the message “Unable to dial out” appears.
NEPIOS-1690 If a moderator mutes a participant’s camera while the VidyoConnect application is in the background, the participant’s tile is visible for about one second when the application is brought to the foreground.
NEPIOS-1287 If a user is logged in to the mobile app, opens the Settings for the mobile app, and then switches the camera and microphone settings to off, the mobile app closes.
NEPIOS-990 If a logged in user clicks a guest link and then disconnects from the network and connects to another network, the message “Could not complete operation, please check your network connection and try again later” is displayed along with an OK button. When the user clicks OK, a blue screen is displayed.
NEPIOS-961 Any setting that an admin configures via the Control Meeting page (such as muting the microphone) while a user is joining a room are not applied once the user joins the room (for example, the user would not be muted).
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