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Getting Started: Developing a Web Application


Vidyo recommends following the simple state machine below when working with VidyoWorks Client API for the VidyoWeb Extension (note that more calls may be needed to move between states).


Applications should be designed and implemented to follow these steps:

  1. Detect the plugin and the Chrome Extension (for Chrome only).

  2. Initialize the plugin.

  3. Start and stop the plugin as follows:
    • Start the plugin.
    • Send requests and events.
    • Join and leave calls.
    • Stop the plugin.
    • Go back to step a as needed.

  4. Uninitialize and clear. This happens internally when the plugin is removed from DOM (for NPAPI) or when the extensions disconnects from the VidyoClientForWeb (for Chrome).

After this point, the application should go back to step 1 (Detect the plugin and Chrome Extension) or step 2 (Initialize the plugin).

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