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Controlling Room Access


API developers can create rooms on VidyoPortal and restrict specific user groups from obtaining access to the room. Here is an example:

A group of doctors need to discuss a patient's case, so a virtual room is created. Only those doctors have access to that room.

The following functionality behaviors have been put into place:

  • User groups can be created in VidyoPortal.
  • Users can be assigned to these groups.
  • User groups can be assigned to a public room.
  • If no user group parameter has been assigned, then the behavior will be identical to a typical public room.
  • If a user group parameter has been assigned, then only authenticated users who are members of that group will be allowed to join the room.
  • User groups can be mapped via SAML and LDAP.
    For additional information, see VidyoPortal user account attributes in the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Administrator Guide.

For additional information regarding the User Group REST APIs, see REST Web Services API.

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