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VidyoWeb: About Version 1.3.15


What's New in This Release

Chrome™ 56, which is scheduled for release on January 31, 2017, deprecates a capability currently used by Vidyo’s JavaScript API such that VidyoWeb will stop working on Chrome unless action is taken.

VidyoWeb 1.3.15 (0004) removes the dependency on the deprecated API, MediaStreamTrack.getSources, by replacing it with a new API, MediaDevices.enumerateDevices.

Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issue

The following table lists the resolved issue in VidyoWeb™ Extension version 1.3.15:

VidyoWeb Extension Version 1.3.15 - Resolved Issue
Key Summary
VWEB-3315 MediaDevices.enumerateDevices has been added to version 1.3.15 as a replacement for MediaStreamTrack.getSources, which is deprecated and which will be removed from Chrome™ starting with release 56. 


Known Issue

The following table lists the known issue in VidyoWeb Extension version 1.3.15:

VidyoWeb Extension Version 1.3.15 - Known Issue
Key Summary

If you’re already using VidyoWeb on Chrome and you add a new Chrome user profile, you will be prompted to install the VidyoWeb Connector Chrome Extension, but when you try to join a call, you will not be able to join until you restart Chrome.

Workaround: If you add a new user profile on Chrome, you should then install the VidyoWeb Extension and restart Chrome before attempting to join a call.


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