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VidyoDesktop for Windows and Mac: About Anchor Version 3.6.12 (014)


What’s New in This Release

In VidyoDesktop™ for Windows® and Mac® Anchor version 3.6.12, we've resolved some issues that occurred for customers who were using certain Logitech® cameras with the Far End Camera Control (FECC) Plug-in for VidyoDesktop. Those customers can now reliably enjoy using FECC with VidyoDesktop.

In accordance with the Vidyo Software Maintenance Policy, Vidyo is also pleased to announce version 3.6.12 as an Anchor Release. Anchor Releases for Vidyo endpoints and servers are marked in green on the Vidyo Compatibility Matrix

Want More Info?

If you'd like to get additional information about this release, see the attached document, VidyoDesktop for Windows and Mac Release Notes Anchor Version 3.6.12 (014).


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