The Vidyo integration with Workspace aligns with the presentation and behavior of the existing Workspace features.

Vidyo channel and media state

As mentioned previously, Workspace uses a new channel with a media type of vidyo. The new channel follows the same guidelines as the existing channels.

The media state can be changed globally from the Agent Status menu or individually from the My Channels tab.

The media state changes to Ready.


Agent-initiated escalation to Vidyo

When an agent has an active voice or chat interaction, the Vidyo button is shown in the Interaction bar to allow the agent to begin a video conference.

The video conference is shown in the right panel of the Interaction Window once active.


Video conference controls

Once a video conference is active, the Workspace presents controls above the video frame. Each control presents an informative tool tip.

The following table describes how each control is used.

Stops the video.
Pauses the camera and microphone.
Resumes the camera and microphone.
Pauses the camera.
Resumes the camera.
Pauses the microphone.
Resumes the microphone.
Changes the view to any of the following:
  • Self-View
  • Docked Self-View
  • Split
Toggle between available views which impact the presentation of the video frame content.

Invites an expert.

Use Instant Messaging to share a guest Link with another agent or supervisor.

Copies guest link.

Copy a guest link internal or external to the Workspace.

Shares application content.

An agent may share open applications with customers.

Stops sharing application content. 


Invite expert

An agent may invite another agent or supervisor to join a video conference by either selecting one of the following controls:

  •  to invite expert to join video conference from the video conference controls.
  •  to start a consultation from the Interaction bar controls.

The Team Communicator opens after clicking either control.

The agent may select a target and the Start Instant Message Consultation option. The Workspace automatically does the following:

  • Sets the subject for the receiving agent to “Video Conference Request”
  • Attaches the guest link

The Workspace shows the receiving agent an Instant Messaging (IM) Interaction Preview.

Upon accepting the IM, the Vidyo Button is shown for the Agent to optionally select and join the video conference.


Share application content

Once an agent is in a video conference, they may share an application that is running on their local computer with the customer. Clicking   opens a list of possible content to share.


Once selected, the application is brought into focus for the agent and customer to view the application within the video frame.

The agent can click  to stop sharing when necessary.

Auto join a video conference

Based on the configured value of option custom.vidyo-request-auto, upon receiving a customer video conference request, the Workspace may automatically do the following:

  • Create a video room
  • Join the agent in the video conference
  • Share the guest link with the customer 

Interaction history

The Workspace presents interaction history within multiple views that the agent may configure to use.  An interaction displays in the history if it is associated with a customer (i.e. a Genesys contact). 

A Vidyo interaction follows this same model and will show in the history if it is associated either automatically or manually to a contact.


The Workspace sets KVP customer_segment = vidyo whenever a video conference is initiated. This allows the OOB reports to reflect escalations to Vidyo and Vidyo interactions.

Genesys Interactive Insights OOB reports support these main collections:

  • Agent reports
  • Queue reports
  • Business Results reports
  • Interaction Details reports
  • Outbound Contact reports
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