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About VidyoMobile for iOS Version 2.4.1


Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoMobile for iOS version 2.4.1:

VidyoMobile for iOS Version 2.4.1 - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
VMIOS-3149 The correct username and portal display in the header when an iPad user disconnects from a conference as a guest and returns to the VidyoMobile application.
VMIOS-3148 Favorites no longer disappear from the Contacts list when users join a locked room as a guest and then click the Exit button to return to the VidyoMobile application.
VMIOS-3147 The Save button no longer becomes inactive when iPad users enter letters and special symbols (such as %, $, etc.) preceded by numbers in the Enter PIN field.
VMIOS-3143 VidyoMobile now properly adjusts video parameters for changes in the CPU usage, especially in newer iOS devices.
VMIOS-3140 Users can no longer add or remove themselves from the Contact list.
VMIOS-3139 Users can now only see the presenter's video tile and no longer see the other participants' video tiles while in presenter mode.
VMIOS-3136 When users join conferences in landscape mode, the conference no longer starts in portrait mode.
VMIOS-3062 iOS 10.1.1 users are now able to join conferences via the VidyoMobile application after taking their device out of sleep mode.
VMIOS-2978 Users are now able to log back into the VidyoMobile application after disconnecting from a conference as a guest user.
VMIOS-2795 When conducting partial searches, the correct search result records now return.
VMIOS-2783 The Lock Room button now displays correctly when the device is held vertically or horizontally by users who have set their system language to Japanese.
VMIOS-2664 The star icon no longer displays for external contacts since external contacts cannot be added as favorites to the Contact list.
VMIOS-2161 When using an iPad to set the room PIN, non-numeric keys (such as %, $, etc.) now become inactive since PINs should only contain numeric characters.
VMIOS-2097 The room PIN now appears masked in the Enter PIN field.
VMIOS-1988 Room PINs that contain fewer than three digits can no longer be saved.
VMIOS-1320 When users join a room via a guest link, the “Calling…” pop-up displays instead of a pop-up indicating that a room is being joined.


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