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Modifying the Number of Users in Your Plan


As an Admin, you can increase or decrease the number of users in your plan as long as you stay within the limitations of your plan. If you would like to add more users than your plan allows, consider upgrading your plan as described in the "Upgrading your plan" article.

To increase the number of users in your plan:

  1. Log in to the VidyoConnect portal.

    The HOME page appears.

  2. Click PLAN DETAILS from the main menu.

    An an alternative, you can click the UPGRADE PLAN button in the upper right of the HOME page. If you like to know how many licenses you've currently used, click USER MANAGEMENT from the main menu.

    The PLAN DETAILS page appears.

  3. Click the UPDATE USERS button under the TEAMS category.
    A pop-up appears.

  4. Click  to decrease the number of users or  to increase the number of users.

    An alternative, you can click within the text field and enter a number.

    If you try to decrease the number of users to a number that is below the number of licenses you're currently using, you will be required to select which users you want to delete before you can proceed to the next step. For example, if you want to decrease your number of users to 20 but you have 22 licenses used, you will have to select two users to delete. For information about how to delete a user, see the Adding and Deleting Users article.

  5. Click the SUBMIT button.

    A pop-up displays with a summary of the order details, which includes information about your current billing period, the changes that you made, and the amount you will be charged based on your change.

  6. Review the information and then click the CONFIRM button.

    Another pop-up displays, indicating the following: current number of users in your plan, plan you're subscribed to, price per user, and the amount you will now be charged per billing period.

    An email with these details is sent to the email address that you have saved in the system.

  7. Click the CLOSE THIS WINDOW button.

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