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Authentication Using Web Services


The VidyoPortal can delegate user authentication to the external entities using the SOAP interface. Every time VidyoPortal receives a user name and password during a login procedure the VidyoPortal sends a SOAP message with user credentials to an external web service using the pre-configured Web Service interface. It is the web service’s responsibility to return the authentication response to the VidyoPortal. Based on the response (passed authentication or failed authentication) the VidyoPortal successfully completes or fails the login procedure.

Authentication service overview

The authentication web service is exposed via the SOAP interface. It’s defined in the
AuthenticationService.wsdl file.

Request Parameters

Name Type Description Required



User name






Response Parameter

Name Type Description Required



True or False


Configuring the authentication server

  1. Log in to the Admin portal using your Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging into the Admin interface.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Authentication.

  3. Select Web Service from the Authentication Type drop-down.

  4. Provide the URL of the SOAP Server.

    For example: http://[SOAP Server IP]/[auth_server.php], where [auth_server.php] is the PHP SOAP server that will handle the SOAP request from the VidyoPortal. [SOAP Server IP] should be a web reachable address.

  5. Enter the User Name and Password.

    If the SOAP server is using authentication, then provide the User Name and Password.

  6. Click Save.
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    Jack Sun

    The "Connection Test" is always failed, and "Save" button is not clickable.

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